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Heart of Hope

Heart of Hope is an Non Government Organization (NGO) which is situated in Vom, a village in the center of Nigeria. Its goal is to give hope by providing basic commodities like clean drinking water, health care and high quality education for the less privileged.


Through Kids of Hope, children build both academic and emotional potentials, Character building is central trait through the school curriculum.

Our history

In 2005 Dachung and Stefanie John met for the first time during a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Coming from Germany Stefanie first had the desire and dream to one day open a school for less privileged children.


Heart of Hope send medical outreach teams to villages to diagnose and treat wide range of diseases. With medical help, people will have better chances fighting preventable diseases. This helps both the local economy and families.


Active involvement with the local community is always the best way to connect and stay influential about local policies or decisions. 


Even today many villages in Nigeria do not have access to clean drinking water all year round. Some sources dry out during the yearly dry season


Globe Mission – a Christian missionary organization  Since 1990, the German organization has been educating, consulting and supporting missionaries in over 30 countries with their ministries. 

Aid Expand is a non-profit organization focused on solution-oriented financial and technical cooperation, worldwide education projects and medical aid in poverty-stricken regions.
Together with local staff, professionals and volunteers, they are committed to improving general living conditions of disadvantaged people, regardless of their culture, religion or ethical background.


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