Kids of Hope School was founded by Stefanie and Dachung John and runs under Heart of Hope. The head of the school is Stefanie John. She is a missionary and trained teacher. Kids of Hope is located in the village of Vom, in the center of Nigeria. It’s vision is to provide people with hope though education. It’s goal is to nurture and develop children in their younger years and provide high quality education for the less privileged. In order to do that there is a scholarship program. Students on scholarship have a sponsor who supports him or her with 50 Dollars a month. This covers all school expenditures for this child, including a daily meal at school.
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In Nigeria there is no government health insurance. Medical treatment can be expensive and is not easily accessible for everybody.

Individual Help

Heart of Hope assists victims of sickness and accidents by paying part of their medical bills.

Medical outreach

In 2020 Heart of Hope organized a five day medical outreach in two villages. 42 doctors, nurses and helpers treated almost 9000 patients and provided fee medication. Over 100 surgeries restored some people’s eye sight and saved some patient’s lives.

Clean water

Even today many villages in Nigeria do not have access to clean drinking water all year round. Some sources dry out during the yearly dry season and some simply do not hold enough water for all inhabitants.

Heart of Hope identifies such areas and provides bore holes with hand pumps so that everybody in the community can have access to clean water all year.


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Through Kids of Hope, children build both academic and emotional potentials, Character building is central trait through the school curriculum.

Our history

In 2005 Dachung and Stefanie John met for the first time during a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Coming from Germany Stefanie first had the desire and dream to one day open a school for less privileged children.

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